French and indian war essay


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French and indian war essay

The French and Indian War was important because it planted the idea of one specific country controlling the entire land of the New World.

Although the British struggled in the early years of the war, Great Britain, along with the American colonists…. The Treaty of Paris ended the war leaving Great Britain with new territory to expand their claims. Moreover, the expenses of the war left them with an immense amount of debt.

In relation to the colonies the effect of the French and Indian War was damaging. Great Britain mistreated the colonies by heavily taxing them and imposing unfair acts in order to relieve their expenses…. Even though the feud was just between the British and the French, the American Indians were very cooperative on both sides. Much more cooperative on the French side. What were they fighting for? The French and the British have many reasons for fighting, but each group involved had their reasons for being there.

They wanted to monopolize the fur trade in North America and the French felt the British were…. The French and Indian War altered the political, economic, and ideological relations between England and the American Colonies. Previous global conflicts had started in Europe and spread to the colonies, but this was the first example of aggression that started in the colonies and effects of french and indian war essay to Europe.

Britain emerged as the eventual victor in this war, but the triumph did not come easily. The British and colonial forces were notoriously disorganized and lost several battles along the way.

InBritish General Edward Braddock lost an important battle, as well as his own life, when he set out to capture Fort Duquesne. To the British, the true hero of the war was William Pitt, who became prime minister of England in His administration orchestrated a British offensive under the command of Lord Loudon that finally succeeded in toppling Fort Duquesne in It was promptly renamed Pittsburgh in honor of the prime minister.

Pitt put James Wolfe in charge of a sneak attack on Quebec. Although Wolfe and his French counterpart, Marquis de Montcalm, were killed in the battle, the French surrendered, and the Battle of Quebec became the defining battle ww2 research topics the French and Indian War.

French and indian war essay prompt

With this victory inand a victory over Montreal a year later, France was removed from power in Canada. The Paris Peace Settlement of confirmed that France no longer held control over any part of North America, except for two small islands near Newfoundland. The British victory opened new territory for exploration and expansion, but it also brought the responsibility for overseeing three troublesome groups.

The first were thousands of resentful former French subjects. French settlements remained in Canada and even today the French are a prominent minority in Quebec and Montreal.

To keep the settlements under control, the British maintained a close watch and employed harsh tactics to quell rebellion. One tactic was mass deportation of former French colonists.

The French were no longer able to back their Indian allies, which left tribes such as the Huron out of an increasingly British-dominated power and trade network.

While the French tended to develop trade and mission connections with local tribes, the British colonial authorities were much more inclined to remove indigenous peoples altogether and clear the land for white settlement. Some tribes feared that the influx of British colonists would result in their eventual removal from their lands. The Ottawa besieged all but three of the British forts west of the Appalachians.

The British countered by giving smallpox-infected blankets and handkerchiefs to the Indians. This disease swept through the Indian tribes and decimated their forces. The British regained the upper hand, the french and indian war essay nonetheless realized the need to cohabitate peacefully with the Indians to prevent further turmoil. The desired effect of this proclamation was two-fold.

First, the Britons hoped to keep the colonists tied more closely to English colonial authorities by confining them to the coast. However, the Sample compare contrast essays incensed the colonists, who felt they had earned the right to expansion by risking their lives in the new country. France possessed an enormous territory but it was not very well populated.

Only several hundred fur-traders lived throughout the land. InBritain attempted to regain control of the area to profit from the fur trade but their army was outnumbered.

In addition to the French and the British, the colonists also wanted this territory.

Effects of french and indian war essay

The colonists of New England lived near the coast and were hoping to expand towards the west into the Ohio River Valley. Both nations sent armed forces to North America and what is a thesis dissertation declared war.

Bythe conflict between the colonies had spread to Europe. Wanting to keep the fighting out of Europe, Britain waged war on the colonies hoping to dominate over the greatest territory.

The British soldiers were victorious. Because of the power of their navy, they proceeded to win several other smaller battles. Byat the end of the war, it was clear that Britain had won. The economic relations between the British and American colonies also changed dramatically because Britain was in debt due to the French and Indian War.

This custom thesis to them taxing the colonists to raise revenue and cover the costs of the war which was caused by the colonists. In document F, the British Order in Council in states that it is necessary to tax the American colonies because otherwise they would not have the means money to cover the colonists costs. These taxes were carried out in many forms including the Stamp, Sugar and Tea Acts, as well as others that forced colonies to pay taxes on everyday goods.

This letter was most likely written by Franklin because he was a colonist from Philadelphia, who was a participant in government and owned the Pennsylvania Gazette, which meant the act hit him at home. Document H, represents the economic oppression the colonists felt that they were receiving from the British with a newspaper masthead showing how the Stamp Act was affecting them with skull and crossbones in the place were a stamp should be.

They believed that the British were governing them with virtual representation, or without actual representation and unfairly. In document E, Reverend Thomas Barnard located in Massachusetts in talks about how great the victory of the French and Indian War and the British were and how the American colonists would be able to expand further west. This viewpoint was most likely changed after the Proclamation ofas the colonists could not actually expand westward with British protection. Document H, the Newspaper masthead from Octoberalso represents the change in ideology of the American colonists.This war opened doors to the colonists who decided that fighting for independence was something they were in need of doing.

Altercations they encountered turned the people of the newly formed Americas against the British aiding in their quest for independence. The war itself. French and indian war essay questions wars were fought between the English and the French. The war was very costly for the British. After the war ended the British thought of ways to gain money from the colonists to help replenish funds lost from the war.

This usually was in the form of taxes. The colonists were not happy with the British government and made their feelings and opinions known.

The colonists wanted their freedom and.

French and indian war dbq essays

Lawrence River and for trading rights in North America. Both nations saw this territory as a necessity to increase its own power and wealth while simultaneously limiting the strength of its rival. Following the war the British government.

The French and Indian War was a long and bloody war fought by both colonial and British soldiers. Political of effects the war included Britain 's disbandment of the salutary neglect policy.

Economics is how the economy was doing and if the money was doing good in the region. During the and after the war the economy was chaotic and had an enormous debt that needed to be payed.

Finally, an ideological…. The French and Indian War, which occurred during the midth century, was one of the most influential conflicts to arise on the North American continent. During the period, hostility existed between the English colonists and their Native American neighbors; as a result, when the war broke out, colonial unity is argued to have emerged against a common enemy.

Some built America up while, others tore it down. The French and Indian War helped show the Colonists that they could battle on their own. The Declaratory Act led Thomas Paine to realize they needed to fight for their independance. Kindig ….

French And Indian Wars - Age Mooy

British The French were outnumbered, even with their Indian allies, with the exception of the Iroquois who refused to ally with France and negotiated a treaty with the English government instead. Britain planned expedition to…. The British attempted to tighten control of the colonies by limiting how far they were able to settle and raising revenue. To the colonists it was a direct blow to their confidence. The colonists interpreted this proclamation as putting an off limits sign on the Ohio River Valley which the whole war had started over.

The proclamations misinterpretation was a big key to the view of the colonials. These agreements were made by the colonists to boycott goods by Britain. Women also helped with the boycotting by holding spinning bees to make home-spun clothes. The nonimportation agreements were catastrophic for England because America bough one-quarter of all British goods and half of British shipping was dedicated for the colonies.

During the French and Indian War, many colonists felt proud to be from England and were proud to serve the. Read More. Words: - Pages: 5. Essay on Dbq: Analyzing Colonial Policies Towards Native Americans DBQ 1: Using your knowledge of the time period and documents provided, analyze colonial policies toward Native Americans, and discuss the impact of these policies on the relationship between the tribes and the new nation.

Words: - Pages: 3. Words: - Pages: 4. Words: - Pages: 6. Essay on History 9th Grade of economic prosperity 5. Words: - Pages:



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